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Six Evenings with Hayek Discussion Group Programme

This Hilary 2020, the Oxford Hayek Society is delighted to bring you a six-week discussion group programme exploring the works and contributions of our namesake, F.A. Hayek.

See the full event details and register for the evenings here.

See the programme brochure, including suggested readings, below:


  • Everyone is welcome to attend, irrespective of political persuasion, membership of the Society, and previous exposure to Hayek's works!

  • Each evening, we will serve a limited amount of complementary nibbles, cava, tea and coffee.

  • See the above brochure for an optional suggested reading list for each evening, intended for those who have not come across Hayek's works before.

  • Online registration is required for each individual evening. Please let us know if you register but can no longer make an evening, so that we can release your ticket for someone else!

  • The evenings are free to attend. However, you are invited to pay a £10 voluntary contribution towards the cost of the programme. If you wish to make this contribution, you can pay this in cash at any of the evenings.

The venue(s) for the evenings will be confirmed in the coming days.  Registered ticket-holders will be emailed the venue before the evenings.


  • Week 2 (Wed 29 Jan) - Knowledge and Prices

  • Week 3 (Wed 5 Feb) - The Business Cycle Theory and the Curse of Inflation

  • Week 4 (Wed 12 Feb) - The Road to Serfdom

  • Week 5 (Wed 19 Feb) - Spontaneous Order

  • Week 6 (Wed 26 Feb) - The Appeal of Socialism

  • Week 7 (Wed 4 Mar) - The Social Sciences

If you have studied Hayek before, or have taught his works in any professional capacity, you are especially welcome to join us, whether you are at Oxford or are simply visiting! If you would like to lead the discussion, please make yourself known to us by getting in touch before the evening(s) that you'll be attending.

One of the most important economists of the 21st century, Hayek was an influential Austro-British philosopher and economist and a leading light of the Austrian School of Economics. His key contributions included the superiority of spontaneous order, the market as a method of coordinating decentralised knowledge, and warnings against the dangers of socialist central planning.

Hayek's works inspired a generation of conservatives, classical liberals and libertarians, as well as many schools of economics from orthodox microeconomics to Chicago and the government administrations of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

With thanks to Rick Wendler, Research Assistant at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, for his expert advice in the suggested topics and readings of this programme.

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