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Jonathan Isaby: Generation Screwed

This summary was written by Lydia Ellis, President.

On Monday 2 November 2015, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the Taxpayers Alliance, addressed the Oxford Hayek Society in Trinity College on the subject of 'Generation Screwed'.

Jonathan talked about the relevance of the national debt and the budget deficit to students, who are particularly saddled with debt.

Jonathan argued that it is prudent to seek to manage government budgets - at whatever level, be it local council or national - in the same way as we would seek to manage our own household budget: balancing the best quality with the lowest price, rather than the tendency of public spending to be unconcerned with both the cost and quality of provision. Drawing on public choice theory, Jonathan also discussed the incentives faced by governments to manage their budgets.

It was a pleasure to see many people of a variety of political persuasions being welcomed to such concepts for the first time. The question-and-answer session was particularly stimulating, with some audience members challenging Jonathan's position and advocating for higher government borrowing. Jonathan invited attendees to consider interning at the TPA.

Jonathan Isaby is the Chief Executive of the Taxpayers Alliance, a low-tax pressure group. He was previously a political analyst and reporter, and worked at the BBC and The Daily Telgraph. He was a Co-Editor of ConservativeHome between 2008 and 2011. Jonathan joined the TPA in 2011 as its Political Director, becoming its Chief Executive in January 2014.

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