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Hilary 2020 Termcard

We're delighted to reveal our termcard for Hilary 2020!

With seven speaker events confirmed - and more being organised - we're looking forward to another busy term packed with interesting and stimulating discussions, welcoming speakers at the top of their fields, from backgrounds as diverse as academia and comedy and political activism to consultancies.

Socials and Further Events

In addition to the events that we're ready to advertise now, we're in the process of organising further speaker events and some socials. Some of these will be members-only - so if you're interested, make sure to join us for as little as £10 for life!

We'll announce these events on our usual channels as soon as we are able to confirm their details.

Discussion Groups

Don't forget to check out our new six-week discussion group programme, Six Evenings with Hayek, which will explore the works and contributions of our namesake over the course of six Wednesdays this term.

Everyone's welcome to attend, irrespective of your political persuasion, membership of the Society or previous exposure to Hayek's works. We'll be serving a limited quantity of cava, nibbles, teas and coffees during each evening, and our programme brochure contains some suggested readings if you're a beginner to Hayek!

Speaker Events

We start this Thursday at 7pm with Professor Daniel Layman (Davidson College, North Carolina), who will be discussing his upcoming paper on reshaping republican liberty as liberty within rights at Lecture Room 23, Balliol College, in conjunction with the Oxford University Philosophy Society.

Then next Friday at 7pm, Aria Babu will tackle our question of: Are the Liberal Democrats Still Pro-Market? We'll be discussing the future of the party, whether its pro-market wing has survived its post-coalition trauma, and whether libertarians and classical liberals are still welcome as the party looks ahead to its leadership election.

On Thursday 13 February, we'll be welcoming Konstantin Kisin and Andrew Doyle, renowned comedians, in a discussion with the Oxford Society of Free Discourse on: Comedy and Free Speech, A Complicated Relationship? Expect tears of both laughter and sorrow as we discuss the effects of self-censorship and political correctness.

Following this theme, at 7pm the following Thursday 20 February, Dr. Ray Scott Percival, a philosopher in the Popperian tradition who has strongly argued in favour of free speech to aid the evolution of ideas, will explore how our rationality makes sense of abstract ideas in what promises to be an enlightening presentation, entitled: The Logic of Persuasion. This will be cohosted with the Oxford Karl Popper Society.

At 6.45pm on Thursday 27 February, we'll be welcoming Julio Alejandro, cryptocurrency entrepreneur and acclaimed 'Leonardo da Vinci of Fintech', to discuss VC Tech: Against Government Monopolies. Julio will roadmap how disruptive technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence will denationalise, demonopolise and decentralise state functions.

Whilst he's in Europe, we couldn't help but welcome back Professor David D. Friedman at 5pm on Tuesday 3 March, in a joint event with the Oxford PPE Society, to discuss how law would function in an anarchy, in his presentation: Law Without the State, Past, Present and Future. Make sure you come along!

Finally, Adam Brown, Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, will conclude our speaker events of the term with a discussion on the prospects for libertarians in electoral politics at 7pm on Friday 6 March. Isn't it funny we had to change our name back to Hayek Society before we actually got a representative of the Libertarian Party to address us?

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