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David Friedman: Global Warming, Population and the Problem with Externality Arguments

Updated: Mar 1

This is part of a series of blogposts republishing previous events of the Oxford Hayek Society and the Oxford Libertarian Society.

On Tuesday 15 January 2013, Professor David Friedman, Professor of Law at Santa Clara University, addressed the Oxford Libertarian Society in Christ Church College on the subject of 'Global Warming, Population and the Problem with Externality Arguments'.

The video recording of this talk is available below via YouTube. You can also listen to the audio-recording here.

Responding to common criticisms about 'market failure', David explained how government action greatly suffers from similar problems and that, between the alternatives of government and market solutions to economic allocation, the latter is much more dynamic and benign.

Professor of Law at Santa Clara University, California, and son of renowned economists Rose and Milton Friedman, David is a leading advocate of anarcho-capitalism. David's first political book, The Machinery of Freedom (1973), is a libertarian classic in which he develops an alternative system of competitive government, in place of existing monopoly governments. An expert in the economic analysis of law, his subsequent publications, including Law's Order: What Economics Has to Do with Law and Why It Matters (2000), have focussed on tort and private law and the legal structures most conducive to prosperity. David has also authored two science-fiction novels.

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