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Chris Barnard: Can the Market Solve the Climate Crisis?

This summary was written by Mary Lucia Darst, Committee Member.

On Friday 1 November 2019, we were delighted to welcome Christopher Barnard, Founder and President of the British Conservation Alliance, to speak to the Oxford Hayek Society at Merton College on the subject of: ‘Can the Market Solve the Climate Crisis?’.

You can find a YouTube video of Chris' presentation below.

Over the course of the evening, Chris discussed current and future options for creating green energy using available technology. He also discussed the types of pro-market policy changes needed to effect a transition to green energy and the role that conservatives and classical liberals can play in the climate debate.

We were delighted to welcome Chris for such an entertaining and enlightening evening of discussion, as well as our inaugural event on the climate crisis as Campus Coordinators for the BCA. You can find out how to get involved with the BCA here.

Christopher Barnard is the President of the British Conservation Alliance, an organisation he founded in July 2019. As a group of conservatives and liberal-minded millennials, the BCA strives to empower a new generation of leaders to promote free-enterprise and market-based solutions to the climate crisis. The BCA established a presence in over a dozen campuses across the country within months of its founding, including in Oxford through the Oxford Hayek Society. Before launching the BCA, Chris co-founded the University of Kent Classical Liberal Society and worked as Head of Campaigning and Events for Students for Liberty UK.

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